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    (CS5-MAC) Data Merge and Data Driven Graphics

    Colin Flashman Adobe Community Professional

      Apologies in advance if this is slightly off topic, but I need some opinions and insight here.


      I've been using InDesign since its creation and have recently been pushing the Data Merge feature of ID to its limits. My colecandoo blog highlights some of what I have achieved.


      However, there are some things which the Data Merge cannot do, such as warping live text which can be done in Photoshop or Illustrator. But, I've recently learnt of the term "Data Driven Graphics" and that Photoshop and Illustrator handle both. Photoshop accepts txt/csv files and appears to be relatively workable, whereas Illustrator accepts XML which I can't get to work at all and it is frustrating me.


      So here are my questions. I know the answer to some of these will most likely be "no" but if i don't ask, i'll never find out.


      1. is there a way to integrate the Data Merge feature of InDesign with the data driven graphics feature of illustrator or photoshop WITHOUT scripting (e.g. something I may have missed)?
      2. If scripting is the only option, is anyone out there actually doing what i'm trying to do, or know of any resources out there that i can look at?
      3. is there a way to make the user unfriendly DDG feature in illustrator actually reference a txt/csv file rather than an XML file? Because I'm working on a Mac, making XML from excel is like putting marshmallows in a piggy bank (e.g. messy and ineffective).
      4. what kind of images can InDesign's Data Merge reference? does it extend to other indesign files or incopy files?


      I know there are third party products which can do the above (e.g. XMPie or DirectSmile), but i'm trying to get as much value as i can from the Creative Suite purely off-the-shelf.


      here's hoping