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    Multi-Dim Array

    sbryner Level 1
      The tutorial I found at the link below is awesome.


      One question:
      is there a place that might elaborate more in how this can be done.

      I'd like to use this and make a .swf where if the list generated is very long
      I can scroll through it using arrows to move the "containers" left and right.

      I'm guessing it would have to be inside of a Movieclip (which I would like to mask so you don't see the beginning and end as the clips move) that is moved so many increments
      on (press)?

      if anybody knows where I can find a tutorial on this or guidance creating this. I'd much appricate it.

      I've got the basics down. Just need help loading the "containers" into a movieclip that I move under
      a mask layer using directional arrow mc's.

      it is a good tut.