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    manually loading resource bundles

      i'm trying to use the .properties files to configure my app. This is outside of the general localization discussions and i'm running into a few problems. i'm building an internal global tool and want to use property files to define the specific views and attributes for each section. in my project i have a folder called: properties and in it there is a folder for en_US.
      inside of en_US i have two folders, one for each section: UPD and BBS. each of those folders have their own config.properties file.
      the compile directives look like this: -locale=en_US -allow-source-path-overlap=true -source-path=properties/{locale}/UPD,properties/{locale}/BBS

      in my application there is a drop down with BBS and UPD options. I want to switch to the correct bundle when a user changes the dropdown values. attached is the code for the dropdown and the switching.

      can someone tell me how to point to the correct bundles?