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    Linking each section in robohelp to the IE

      I have like 10 chapters in my TOC. My question is when i publish it is there a way where if the user clicked on the help button which we are creating in the software to link it to the robohelp published location to point to a particular section. For example, if the person is working on something which i mentioned in chapter 3. So when he clicks on the help button on the page; chapter 3 should automatically open up and not first page of chapter 1.
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          lmarden Level 2
          you are talking about context sensitive help, and yes, it is entirely possible. there is decent info on CSH in the Help for RH, and both you and your developers should review the process.

          When you set up CSH, the Help button on any window in your application can open a Help topic that you write to address the specific fields and functions on that window.

          Reply back if you have more specific questions that aren't addressed by the Help materials.

          Good luck!
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi rr336

            Laurin is correct in that you are talking about Context Sensitive Help here. I'm posting to add that fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge has some excellent information on his site that you may be interested in.

            Click here to see Peter's information.

            Cheers... Rick