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    Searchable Text in SWF file


      I am creating an interactive document in InDesign and exporting it as a SWF file.  I would like the text in the SWF file to be searchable text.  Do I need to set up the document a certain way to achieve this?  Can I create a search button within InDesign that will allow this to happen?  Is there an add-on you can use to have the search option available within the flash player?  I would greatly appreciate any knowledge and help regarding this issue.  Thanks!

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          Petteri_Paananen Level 4

          No, there´s no such feature in InDesign. Actually the text InDesign exports, if use SWF as a format, is quite a mess. Words are splitted to separate characters and it´s not even closely in searchable form.

          3rd party finalizing tool for SWF files exported from InDesign - eDocker - can however create a simple keyword search for you document. Search is still in beta feature but it works if you just need to have a textfield where end-user can write a word or phrase to search for. After clicking search button, he/she will receive a list of search results, which are also links pointing to those pages where actual results are.


          Check for instance this link:



          Try word empire and you will get few results to pages where that word can be found.....


          You will find eDocker here>>

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            arellaa4 Level 1

            Thank you very much for your feedback!


            I thought since in the swf export options you could choose Flash Classic Text to output searchable text that there may be a way to add that feature to the document.  I am going to look into the options you suggested, but off the top of your head do you know if eDocker allows the interactivity features a swf file that a pdf doesn't (ie. animation)?

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              Petteri_Paananen Level 4

              Yes, eDocker supports all the interactivity that InDesign can create to SWF files; animations, multistate objects, hyperlinks, buttons, videos.

              Check this interactive sample:



              -slideshow made with multistate objects at page 2

              -video and hyperlinks at page 3

              -animation that user have to trigger at page 4 (touch the edge of image on top-left corner)

              -animation that starts on page load at page 4-5