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    populate existing livecycle pdf


      I am trying to research information about filling a livecycle form programmatically

      I am just a beginner and feeling overwhelmed by the information


      The facts:

      - I have an existing Livecycle pdf created in Livecycle designer ES 9.0.

      - This form was created by a different company and therefore cannot be changed (however it is a public form and permission has been granted to use it)

      - This form uses three components to gather data: text fields, drop down menu's, and checkboxes

      - This form uses a "Validate" button to verify user input is complete and it does some basic error checking (ex: no numbers in a field that requires only alphabetical text)

      - After the Validate button is pressed, 5 X PDF417 barcodes are generated at the bottom (I assume so the company can scan the barcode for data entry into their systems)

      - If i complete this form and extract the xml, I am given an xml file which shows the field names and user input values.

      - If I re-open the blank form and import this xml file, the form becomes populated with the user inputs.


      Here is what I want to do:

      I want to create a webpage where users enter their information onto fields on my webpage.

      When finished they click submit on the webpage and the Livecycle PDF form is filled out automatically.

      I would like the "Validate" button to be pressed as well but I imagine the end user will still click this button to generate the 5 barcodes.


      The important part: The process of importing the user data (possibly contained in an xml file) must be done automatically. I do not want users to be presented with a blank document and insturcted to click Forms->Input XML. If the barcodes can be generated automatically then that is icing on the cake!


      1) Is this possible?

      2) In general terms, how is the best way to do this?