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    Adobe Reader 9.4.6 has taken out my printer drivers


      On 12/14/11 I was on my Windows 7 based system when i was sent a pop up window query asking me if I wanted to upgrade to Adobe Reader 9.4.6 I had an earlier version and I get prompts of this nature all the time, so I said yes. Download was protracted, taking 10-15 min. Afterwards I found I could not print documents from any of the other programs I had on that machine, my control panel lists no printers hooked up (like it disabled all the drivers) and attempts to add a driver through the Windows System Wizard just hang up. Any others had this problem? Is this a malware infestation of some kind? The McAfee Security Center software that came with the machine (a recondtioned Dell) hasn't given me any alarms. The program as downloaded takes up 144 MB.