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    ReInstall of Adobe Software?


      I am contacting you on a blind lark, hoping for direction.  I own Acrobat 9.0 Standard and had my computer, discs, and documentation stolen.  I have been able to retrieve my Serial # through my Adobe account, but Adobe no longer has a site to download the install files on my older versions.  My versions are adequate for my needs, and I can't afford to purchase the latest upgrades as I reconstruct my system.  Is there a site or direction I can look to in finding older install files that Adobe no longer supports?  I also own registered copies of Premiere Pro, Adobe's reference version 4.0, Photoshop 11.0, Encore 1.5, After Effects 6.5, and Audition 1.5.  If I can find the replacement install files, my serial numbers should work.  Purchasing the upgraded replacements for all of these is outside my budget.  Do you know of any sites or help?  Thank you! My email is: the2c4f@gmail.com.