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    shrunken video

    robirdman1 Level 1

      I made a quick time movie from a Nikon D300s AVI file.

      In the Bridge, it is the same size as the AVI is.

      Then I wnated to redo part of it with a rossfade transition.  I see that in the monitor it is about 1/4 the area, with best fit, so I went to 100%.

      But after exporting as the same MOV format, in the Bridge it is also about 1/4 the size.

      What happened?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What is the Frame Size (pixels x pixels) of the QT file?


          What Project Preset did you choose, into which you Imported that QT file?


          My guess is that the Export was something like DV, where the original footage was HD. If so, then just go back to the origianl Project, and choose an Export setting, that matches the Source Footage, and Import that into a Project, that matches the HD footage.


          Good luck,



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            robirdman1 Level 1

            It says 720 x 480.  The AVI file had been 1280 x720.

            I edited a lot of files and exported them like this without noticing any difference in size in Bridge. 

            But now that I imported this MOV back and exported with some modifications, it is smaller there.

            When I imported the MOV files back for further work, it didn't ask for parameters.  Should I have changed it? ..

            Are all the files I did this way permanently shrunk or can I expand them again?  I'm hoping I didn't waste hours with the wrong settings

            Originally was HD.

            I had originally set up the project for the Nikon AVI files at 1280 x720.  I then removed them from the project and imported the MOV files that I made from them.  Since it wasn't a new project, it didn't ask for a preset.

            Thanks for your help.

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              davidbeisner2010 Level 3

              It sounds like your project itself is okay... I think where the problem arose, and what Bill was driving at, was in your export. Verify that you exported in a 720pHD format, and not in a DV format... 720x480 is a DV format, so if that's what your final export is, then you probably accidentally hit the wrong preset when you exported. Just open your project up and re-export, being careful to choose an HD export preset.

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                robirdman1 Level 1

                Here is a screen shot of my Bridge.  They are all Quicktime, and they would be OK except when the one was opened in bridge, modified and re-exported and shrunk.

                The all say 720x480movies.jpg

                I am not understanding.  I choose the Fromat as Quicktime, and then the presets are all DV NTSC DV, NTSC DV Widescreen etc.


                The first time I exported thus, they were not reduced in size in the Bridge.


                It is seeming that all the work I did may not be recoverable then, as the person did not want one long sequence, but each with separate songs.  So each time I edited and exported, I deleted what was in the timeline to start fresh with the next one.  The only saved versions modified from the original AVI are the MOV exports, which apparently were DV, I see now.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 8

                  I made a quick time movie from a Nikon D300s AVI file.




                  What I mean is, why not use the original media?

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                    robirdman1 Level 1

                    The reason is then I have to start from scratch and all my other work of start and end points on each sequence is lost.

                    I just dn't understand why the MOV file shrunk after reimporting into PP and exporting again.  I don't see any parameter different from the non-shrunk mov files.

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                      robirdman1 Level 1

                      ne on this forum has a clue as to why reimporting a QT movie should shrink it?

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                        davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                        reimporting in and of itself will not change the size of the original video... there must be something you did somewhere along the line that forced the change in size. You probably put it on the wrong size timeline when you brought it in the first time, and then exported it, locking it in at the smaller frame size.

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                          davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                          My guess, looking back at your screenshot above, us that you accidentally put it in a timeline too BIG for it, and didn't scale it to match, and so you've ended up with all the black space around the edges...

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                            Jim_Simon Level 8

                            The reason is then I have to start from scratch


                            What I meant was why did you convert it in the first place?  Why didn't you start out using the original media?

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                              robirdman1 Level 1

                              e person wanted a qucktime, not AVI file.

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                                robirdman1 Level 1

                                That seems to make sense.  I originally imported the AVI file and then wehn it was exported as MOV QT, I reimported it without changing any import settings.

                                What should I have done with the timeline?  Did I need to start a new project?   Once there are already files in, the timeline is set, isn't it?

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                                  robirdman1 Level 1

                                  This is really ridiculous.  There is no manual for the program. When I click help or support, and the page comes up, another popup comes up infront saying it can't be accessed.  In the past I have seen videos or tutorials in scattered locations, but there appears to be no coherent, orderly progression to use this program. It didn't use to be this way with programs,  There would be a manual with chapters and not a hodgepodge of things that don't relate.  What is the matter with this company? Just to even refind a page that lists everything on the monitor screen is so difficult.  I did in the past and have no idea where that was.  I am taking weeks and weeks to just edit some simple videos for someone, and now it seems I'll have to start all over, unless someone can tell me the exact steps I should take that will minimize the amount of time wasted.


                                  Here is a summary of what transpired.  With a Nikon D300s I shot about 11 short HD AVI videos of parts of songs of a jazz singer.  She wanted a DVD with separate fQuicktime MOV files for each song, I started a project, importing all the AVI files.  We went over the AVI files, removing parts from the start and end of each, and exported each as a MOV file.  Because she wanted separate files, each time I put an AVI on the timeline and edited, and exported, I deleted it so I could put the next one on the timeline.  therefore none of the trimming is on the AVI files, only the MOV files. When these were exported, there is a black area above and below, as in the screen shot sent, but I don't know how that could have been avoided or if it was important.


                                  Then when I wanted to fuse 2 parts of one song, I imported the MOV files into the same project.  I carefully trimmed until there is no break in the beat or rhythm of the song so that it flows well.  I added some titles.  When I exported then I got the shrunken file noted.  Now it was said that this was because the timeline was too big.  I don't know how to change the timeline other than starting a new project, and changing the import settings.  I did this and imported the last modified file but then it was shrunk even more, so I went back to the previous MOV export, which was directly from the AVI file.  It is also shrunk somewhat but not as much.  This one does not have the carefully edited join nor the titles.  I don't even know where they are because they don't show in the folder that has all the other AVI, MOV BMP files used or generated from the project..


                                  The original AVI files were 1280x720 24FPM HD.

                                  First export were MOV  were 720x480 progressive.  Some have alpha mode listed as none.    

                                  The shrunken MOV depicted in the Bridge screen shot has no different parameter listed than the other MOVs


                                  So if the MOV files are acceptable and I don't have to lose all editing by going back to the AVI, it seems it is necessary to start a new project to get a new timeline.  Can anyone tell me what the import settings should be to have the least change? Likewise for the export settings after redoing the subsequent edits done.  And are the titles that were in the other project not transferrable, or must that also be redone from scratch?


                                  Thanks to anyone who knows enough about this program to guide me, and stop wasting further weeks of futility.

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                                    shooternz Level 6

                                    The original AVI files were 1280x720 24FPM HD.

                                    First export were MOV  were 720x480 progressive.  Some have alpha mode listed as none.


                                    You exported incorrectly (wrong settings) and subsequently ended up with black bars.


                                    You them reimported these files as an edit source .  Should have used th original source files.


                                    You keep compounding the problem by doing what you are doing


                                    Because she wanted separate files, each time I put an AVI on the timeline and edited, and exported, I deleted it so I could put the next one on the timeline.  therefore none of the trimming is on the AVI files,


                                    This is screwy and un necessary.  You can have as many sequences / timelines in a project as you want. I cant see the logic in why you did this your way at all!


                                    Whatever.. editing is about working with the orginal source files.  The NLE is non destructive and doesnt harm them.


                                    Edit the diferent songs in different sequences "Song 1", "Song 2", "Song 3".. using the avi source files.  Export correctly for purpose once you have done and finished.


                                    Your mistake is editing the incorrect export files.


                                    Manuals.  There is a downloadable Help File (comprehensive) there are tons of great video tutorials ( Adobe TV being the best), there are heaps of great books.

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                                      robirdman1 Level 1

                                      So basically you are saying that everything that has been done was a waste of time and by returning to the original source files which have no editing, start all over.  Have the person come back and listen to each song and rechoose the beginning and ending, etc. 


                                      I am used to working with Photoshop still images.  Here you convert a RAW camera file to a tiff and then you can work on it as much as you want and don't have to go back to the RAW file for further editing.


                                      I agree there is no logic.  I was told to save as Quicktime files? Can they be 1280x720 HD? What is the correct export?


                                      Where is a link to the specific  tutorial or that says which format to export the 1280x720 HD AVI file correctly?  Must I look through tons of tutorials or buy books to find out how to do something that I would expect to be in chapter one of a decent manual? 


                                      Lots of criticism of the floundering attempts to accomplish something which seems like it should be simple but nothing specific as far as proceeding further.

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                                        Jeff Bellune Level 5

                                        Think of each video track like you would a Photoshop layer.  You can put stuff on different layers/tracks.  You can turn layers/tracks on and off.  In Photoshop, when you Save As a .jpg or a .bmp file, all of the layers get composited and flattened into a single-layered image.  When you export from Premiere Pro, the same thing happens to your video tracks.  You get a flattened video file.  But all of the layers/tracks are still present in your Premiere Pro project.  Think of the Pr project file like you would the layered .psd version of the still image.


                                        In this case, import all of your source .avi files *and* all of your exported .mov files into your Premiere Pro project.  Add the .avi clips, in order, to a 1280x720 sequence in Track 1 and then add the smaller .mov clips, also in order, to Track 2 of the same sequence.  Use the .mov clips as references for trimming the .avi clips to match what you did before.  Once the .avi clips are trimmed to match, turn off the visibility of Track 2 (and the audio of its matching audio track) by poking out the eyeball, just like you would in Photoshop to turn off the visibility of a layer.  (You turn off the audio by poking out the speaker icon for the audio track.)  Then use the Work Area Bar to set up the export range for each .avi clip in the timeline  You'll export each of those .avi clips to a new .mov file.


                                        There are other methods to accomplish the same thing, but I hope this one is the most intuitive for you.


                                        When you export, you'll have to choose a codec for your .mov files.  DV @ 720x480 is the default, which is not appropriate for HD content.  That's also likely why you ended up with 720x480 .mov files in the first place.  If the .mov files will be edited further, you'll need a lossless or near-lossless codec.  Photo-JPEG @ 75% produces high-quality output.  You can also choose the Animation codec, or choose "None" to get true, uncompressed video in the .mov files.


                                        Do read the help files and visit Adobe TV to get guidance on the best ways to set up and execute your exports.



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                                          robirdman1 Level 1

                                          Thanks Jeff. This is the most useful reply I have had, with a systematic approach, and makes many vague things more clear to me, in particular adding layers and making some invisible and exporting only work areas instead of whole sequences.


                                          Right now I am at a computer that doesn't have the project in question.  It does have PP and I am looking at a sequence shot with the same Nikon D300s and is 1280x720 HD.  As a test, if I choose export, do I need to check "natch sequence settings" if I don't want to lose the HD?  I then have no choice over the format or codec, as it becomes greyed out MPEG preview.  This seems to be the only one that keeps 1280x720.  Even uncompressed  Microsoft AVI gives 720x480.


                                          I do not see the photo-JPEG as a choice.  Is that because it is only for MOV files, which this test project lacks?

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                                            davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                            Sounds like its set on an sd preset... Right below where you choose the format is a preset box... Make sure your preset is set to an hd 720 style, or you can manually go into each field and set it as you like. Using match sequence settings is another good option, but I don't think it will default to a QuickTime export, so you may not want that option...

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                                              robirdman1 Level 1

                                              SD is standard definition, rather than high?

                                              I have gotten farther since I see that I can choose custom with Quicktime and then there are a bunch of choices for Video codecs further down.

                                              But I am still not understanding which conversion is right.  You are indicating I should choose a 720 HD style.  One is DVCPRO HD 720p50, while the other is p60.

                                              I don't know what the p stands for. IF I choose either the output goes from source 1280x720 to 960x720.  Is that what I need?  Either changes the fps from 24 to 50 or 60.

                                              On the other hand, if I choose one of the DVDPRO HD 1080, it gives the same output as the source, 1280x720, but changes the frame rate.  ~24 to ~30.  All very confusing!

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                                                davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                                Sounds like you need to do some serious studying in video before you take another step... I recommend doing google searches or Wikipedia searches for the following terms: frame rate, field order, aspect ratio, codec, video format, hd video, sd video, and any other terms you have come across...


                                                Once you have a handle on the terminology, then come back to premiere and take another look at the export options and see if things make a little more sense. Then come back here with your questions...

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                                                  robirdman1 Level 1

                                                  I stacked as you suggested but there is a problem.Other than video track 1, the other video tracks are not able to be widened vertically.  They lack a couple more icons in a 2nd row, so seem to need to be converted or something be match the track 1.PP screenshot 2.jpg

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                                                    davidbeisner2010 Level 3

                                                    Do you need to twirl the other tracks open? Click the sideways arrow next to the track name on track 2 and see if that solves your problem...

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                                                      robirdman1 Level 1

                                                      I just can't seem to get this right.  I watched a tutorial about file formats and codecs.  In the tutorial, it showed a long list of codecs under quicktime, but I only have about 6 and none HD.  I downloaded QT again in case it needed updating but there are no additinal codecs.

                                                      Also every time I go to export, I first get a box that says I should get some updates from Adobe.  I did this but I still get the message box.

                                                      The tutorial recommended H-264 Blu-ray for playing on a DVD player, which is what I want.  It took a very long time to export and then the result is a blank/whilte video in Bridge that can't be played there or in media player.  Several other HD format attempts had the same result.

                                                      I verified that the sequence setting and import are the same because the line is yellow in the timeline, not red as an import tutorial said it should be.  I don't know why I can't get this final step done. 

                                                      This after I took the advice of starting all over, lining up the trimmed MOV files with the original AVIs and getting everthing all redone and and only needing to export.