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    Painel with Zoom Effect..

      I have a sample application where when the user clicks a button i instance a new component based on a panel and add an "addedEffect" to this painel to this zoom tag

      <mx:Zoom zoomHeightFrom="0" zoomHeightTo="1" zoomWidthFrom="0" zoomWidthTo="1" id="zoomEfeito">

      and on this component it has only a label with a sample text like "test test test test"

      anyway, when i click the button, the panel appears and everything okey but the text stays like this:


      and when i click the panel itself then it shows the complete text.. it also happens to any other component i put inside the panel.. it resumes all text with "..." and when i focus the panel it becomes normal.. if i remove the addedEffect from the instance then it shows normal...

      i tried like setFocus and such but nothing... does any1 have any ideia wth is this ?