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    From Lightroom to Indesign

    rafaelmacho Level 1


      I am trying to make a photos book..

      I have been using Lightroom 3.6 to color correct and create galleries. From there I can either export and burn jpegs or maybe see if Indesign can read my Lightroom collections.

      So here I am in Indesign CS3. I have over 300 photos, some in collections such as "vacations", "home", etc.

      I want to do something really simple: place my photos in Indesign, and for each that is used, I want my stack of photos to reduce. Simple, right? So I won't double use a photo.

      But how do I do that? Should be easy, no? DO I have to use Bridge? I ususally use Expression Media, because since CS3, I gave up on Bridge, too slow, too crappy.

      Thanks for any help!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I don't use Lightroom, so I'm not sure how much I can help, but here are the general principles for placing images...


          ID can place pretty much all standard image formats, but not raw images or .dng files, so you'll need to savve as something before placing. For print, .psd or .tif are probably better choices than jpeg, which is a lossy format even at the highest quality.


          You can select multiple images to place at one time, either through the Place dialog, in Bridge, or in Finder/Explorer. ID will show you a loaded Place Gun with the thumbnail of the image about to be placed, and you can use the arrow keys to cycle through the available images or the escape key to cancel an image. Once placed, the thumbnail disappears from the place gun, but this has no effect on what will be displayed in Bridge, Lightroom, or anywhere else. You don't want to remove the images from those locations since you are linking to them in ID and they need to be there. If you organize your links panel to sort by name you can tell if you've reused an image, and you can probably use a script to find duplicates as well.

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            I had the same question. Best way i've found to do this is to open both applications (Lightroom and Indesign) next to each other. Select the image in Lightroom and simply drag it into InDesign. The link in InDesigns preserves the file path to the Lightroom source files.


            Not the ideal solution, but it seems to work for me.

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              Really, does it update the chages you make it LR?  Can you drag multiple images into InDesign?  Can you then open all of those files in Photoshop and comvert them to CMYK and have the path remain unbroken for InDesign?

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                jstadnik Level 1

                I have only tried to drag one file at a time. And it when I edit a file in LR, I have to relink it to InDesign (using the aforementioned drag n drop solution). I do not have an answer for your Photoshop question as I haven't explored that workflow.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Have you checked the resolution and color space of the file you're dragging in from LR? Check the Info panel. When you drag in files from Photoshop, resolution is reduced to screen resolution, and a default RGB color space is used.

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                    Are you kidding me? I think that's the best solution EVER...   except it doesn't work for me.

                    Before Lr, I'd ALWAYS have bridge beside InD and browse my assets, then drag 'em onto my InD page.  It was great.

                    Still works, but Lr's non-redundant access to any image living in assorted folders makes it PERFECT to take over for Bridge.

                    I have both apps open side by side.  NONE of my images are raw edited.  PSD's, PNG's, JPG's, etdc.

                    Cursor grabs the Lr image, I drag to my InD page and >POOF!<


                    Does it bear mentioning I'm letting Windows run these apps instead of a proper Mac.

                    Gotta suffer the no-guarantees-Windows experience for now.