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    Why are many images on web sites now pixelated since upgrading my Flash Player?

    jorjah-b Level 1

      I recently upgraded my Flash Player so that I could view internet content (such as videos) that were not available to me before I upgraded. Ever since, the images on most web sites that I visit are now pixelated (look very low-resolution). I had not made any other changes to any settings on my computer or software. The browser I use is Safari 5.0.1. I had to upgrade to the Flash Player because I am on a PowerPC Mac G4, and that is the most recent version of Flash Player that will work with Power PCs.


      Anyway, now that I have upgraded (which included first uninstalling the old Flash Player), my images look pixelated... most do, anyway. For some reason images I post to flickr appear okay on screen. But normal 72dpi images on standard web sites (like Yahoo) appear very lo-res.


      Does this have to do with whether or not my Mac's operating system is 64-bit or 32-bit... or the Safari software... in relation to the Flash Player's... whether or not they are compatible? If not, I have no idea why this would have changed since upgrading my Flash Player. And if so, what can I do to get around it? I'm somewhat computer savvy... but not this much. Can someone please help me so that I don't have to pay $39 to call Support and ask them?