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    Can no longer print in duplex?


      I used to somewhat frequently have issues printing in duplex. I go to file->print, click on printer properties and choose two-sided printing, and click print and voila, most of the time it prints in duplex.


      However since upgrading to adobe X I seem to have lost all ability to print in duplex. We're using an office printer which supports it, so that isn't the issue. I've searched around and seen people suggest that going to properties -> advanced -> duplex settings should fix it, except all of the fields are greyed out. Is that a possibility? Is this locked? It doesn't seem to be since I can highlight with no issue. Why would the control of the printing be moved away from the print driver in the first place? That'd be a really idiotic design decision on Adobe's part, so I don't think that would be it. Any help would really be appreciated - I need to print out a developer's manual and I really don't want to burn 300 pages of paper to do it.