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    Need Help with Map ID/File

    LuckyClover Level 1
      I have created a sample WebHelp project in RH 7, which includes two custom windows and three context-sensitive Help topics. I want to provide information to our engineer for how to link the context-sensitive Help portion, but I'm not clear about how to provide the files: The map IDs and map file (*.h) are contained in the project's root folder, not in the WebHelp output folder (only the context-sensitive html topics are in the WebHelp output folder). Since only the WebHelp folder and start page information is only provided to the developer for linking with the application, what do I need to do to provide the map IDs and map file--provide them with a zip file containing the *.h and the RoboHelp_CSH.js files, with linking instructions?
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          mr.scribbler Level 1
          Hi, what I do is give the developers a spreadsheet which, for every context-sensitive help call, lists the application's page name, url and Help topic map number. Every time I add a new Help link I add it to the spreadsheet and resend. I guess it's quite a manual process, but it reduces confusion.
          When I set it up originally I gave the developers instructions on how to add an onClick property to the Help button.
          As usual, everything you need to know is on Peter Grainge's site:

          Hope this helps,
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            LuckyClover Level 1
            Hi, Mike,

            Thank you for your note. I had checked out Peter's Web site (and reviewed the Help topics provided with RH 7) prior to posting the message, but I'm not sure that my question has been answered.
            When you are ready to hand-over your Help project to the developer/engineer, you need to provide the WebHelp output folder, and if you created context-sensitive topics, you also need to include any Map IDs and the Map file. I created a Map file and some Map IDs for the topics, for testing. This is for window-level Help in a Web-based application. I also created custom windows to display the Help. What I need to confirm is, when you are using the window-level Help with RH 7, what do you provide to the engineer? This is what I provided: The context-sensitive topic report, the map file (*.h), and the RoboHelp_CSH.js file, with linking instructions. Is this correct? Did I miss anything? The online Help is NOT clear, in my opinion. While the RH 7 interface and changes are great, the Help is just not helpful. Thanks for all replies to my question--they are appreciated!
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              mr.scribbler Level 1
              Hi, you say above "...you also need to include any Map IDs and the Map file."
              As it's a web app, and I use the "Calling WebHelp Topics Using Map IDs" method, I don't give them more than they need to assign a help topic to an application page. I don't give them the map file (the csh.h file that RH generates) or the CSH topic report. Instead I give them a spreadsheet as I described above which include the url of the app. page with corresponding help map id.
              Basically our developers aren't interested in the names of Help topics; they simply want to know what map number to assign to a particular html page in the web app.