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    Android Captive Runtime stability


      I tried publishing my Google Android application with "Export application with captive runtime" this week and I immediately noticed stability issues. The application will run for a short time and then will suddenly unload itself. When checking the Android active applications, it's no longer listed as running. There were no errors visible. Is there somewhere I can look for error logs? Testing took place on Android 3.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab.


      I went back and published the application with the other setting selected "Export application that uses a shared AIR runtime" and it works much better on the device (no instances of it unloading itself). No other changes to the project were made.


      I'd like to use the captive runtime feature so that users don't have to download AIR for Android and we have a consistent experience on iOS and Android.



      How do I determine why my app is crashing with captive runtime? Where do I look for errors and clues?