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    0 KB Tiff is not Really 0 KB.

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Every so often when rendering a still sequence, AE will render out random frames as 0 kb (or at least that's how Windows 7 sees them).  However, I double click them and I have a full 1920x1080 still image, so it's imposible for it to really be 0kb.


      No harm no faul, right?  Wrong!  When I import that sequence into Premiere for SFX, often Premiere freaks out with these 0kb files and stops there.   So, say I have a 1000 frame render, and all 1000 are rendered, but frame 150 is showing up as 0kb, then Premiere will only import frames 0-150 and stop from there.  Then I've got go back to AE and rerender those few frames that showed up as 0kb, even though they never really were.


      Anyone know about this?  Is this some bug?



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Toomany3 wrote:


          Anyone know about this?  Is this some bug?


          Without knowing the precise version of AE you run, it's difficult to say for certain.  My gut feeling is "yes".

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            I don't think it's a bug per se. 2 things come to mind: a) The header info is not correct and that's what the preview/ Windows Image Viewer is using as opposed to the native file size and b) due to possible issues with disk I/O performance, the file tables are not properly updated. They will/ should however, when Windows optimizes/ repairs them, latest after a system restart. So as much as there may be an issue in AE, it's also somehow related to systemic problems and working out those may already resolve the whole matter.