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    URLStream and ProgressEvent

    Fdecampredon Level 1

      Hello i'm trying to create a CouchDB flex client, however i face a little problem when i try to use the change api


      i use URLStream to retrieve change with a continuous feed, CouchDB http api provide a "since" parameter that allow to retrieve only recent changes, my problem is :


      URLStream seems not dispatching a ProgressEvent until a certain "quantity" of data are sent back from the server, so if i send a "since" parameter with an old change number (or no since parameter at all), progressEvent are dispatched normaly, if the since is a recent change number, and so there is just few change the progressEvent is not dispatched ( i guess until a lot of changes happen).


      Is there a way to avoid this problem ?

      Does the problem come from somewhere else ?

      I tried a version using socket everything  seems working fine, but i'll have to parse http response what i would prefer to avoid, is this the only way to achieve that ?



      François de Campredon