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    Launching a CHM from Winhelp.

    IainCliffe Level 1
      I have used Winhelp 4 for context sensitive help in our application (as it supports bullets, formatting, links, etc. etc.). However, when I link to a topic in the main reference manual (for which I used HTMLHelp) nothing much is happening. The format of the link is for example,

      More information blah blah blah can be found hereJumpHtml('mk:@MSITStore:ISIS.chm::/General_Concepts/Miscellaneous.htm')

      This was formed by creating a jump to an external topic from within the help system.However, this is not working (I simply get the 1024 message regarding problem with the help file) - the .HLP file and the .CHM file are in same directory on the local drive.

      As a secondary point : clearly the CHM file needs to be launched from the application. Is there a resource available or can someone help with an explanation of how to launch an HTML help file on a network drive without Windows objecting.