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    Having trouble getting started


      Best I can tell, the installation of my software happened successfully, and I'm ready to start reteaching myself this program after a couple years' hiatus. However, I don't seem to be able to access some of the buttons by clicking on them. For example:


      1. I can't just click on the selection tool. The only way I seem to be able to get there is to key the "V" keyboard shortcut.

      2. After entering text into a document. I can't reformat by clicking on some of the buttons at the top (left, center, right justify paragraphs, changing typesize or font, etc.) The only way I'm able to make those changes is by doing it through the menus.

      3. When I've selected an object, I can't change it's location by entering measurements into the boxes at the top. All I can do is drag the object to a location.