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    Interim Disk Solution for Enthusiast First Build


      First, let me say that I have benefited greatly from the discussions on these boards.


      I am an amateur filmmaker planning to build (have built for me) a custom PC along the lines of the great information I've gathered in this forum.


      I plan to use PP CS 5.5 to edit AVCHD files from a GH2 camera for output to blu-ray disk with lengths from 5 to 15 minutes, to start - hopefully longer pieces as I progress. This would be nights and weekends sort of work, and certainly no great volume.


      Based on forum recommendations my planned configuration is: P8Z68 ASUS v pro/i72600 k/16 GB ram/ GTX560Ti/ HAF 932/Corsair 850w/BDR206


      My dilemma is hard drives. I had originally intended to get three WD Black 1TB, which at the time were about $60 each, but are now about $240 at Newegg. I really don't want to spend $750 on drives.


      So, my question is this: What is a minimal and economical hard drive configuration that I can use that will let me get started using PP CS5 and the mercury engine acceleration, so that I can add drives later, when I know more, need more, and hopefully drive prices have come down?


      Can I get away with a with one boot/application drive and one media drive, etc? What sizes and brands are good values now?


      Thanks very much for your thoughts. I look forward to your responses!