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    Basic Question - Importing from PPTX to Captivate 5.5 Mac - how/where do I edit text?


      Hello Fellow Adobe Users,


      I am working on a big project which involves importing 10 100+ slide projects from Powerpoint into Captivate in order to add more functionality to them (quizzes, etc).  I just imported the first one and I am confused.  Why can I not edit the slides in Captivate?  Nothing (text, images, etc) is selectable.  The whole slideshow works (with fades, animations, etc) in preview mode but nothing is editable.  Do I need to be editing it in Powerpoint?  If so, how do I go about using the Captivate functionality?  Does it matter if the PPT is embedded vs. linked?

      Thank you for any help.  I'm sure this is basic stuff but I am lost!


      - Hannah