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    InDesign to pdf

    VaughnByrd21 Level 1

      Help me!!


      I'm late to CS5.5, having just upgraded from CS4. I can't figure out a) how to create pdfs and b) where the Acrobat printer is, altho' that's probably a discussion for the Acrobat forum...


      I tried the AdobePDF Presets, which used to work like a charm. They're still there, but the file(s) they create won't open in Acrobat...there's some sort of error message about the file(s) being damaged.


      Then, I tried to Export. Same dialog box, same result. Writes over the so-called file previously created, but still won't open.


      Next, I tried to quit InDesign to go back and use CS4 but got the message that there were background tasks working...I mean working for 5 minutes! Now, I hadn't done anything but try to create a pdf...hmmm.


      I searched the forums but couldn't find anything. Surely this is not right...please advise. I'm using CS5.5 Design Premium on a Mac [Lion].


      And thanks in advance.

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          This is not how it is supposed to work.

          Go to Window >  Background Tasks. Do you have PDFs still exporting? If so, that's the problem. They may be stuck, there are some bugs that have resulted in that. Many are fixed in 7.5.2. Have you updated?


          The Acrobat Printer is no more, because of complex Adobe/Apple interactions. Printing to a PostScript file and distilling it still works, but is highly disrecommended.


          I would Force Quit and take the update and restart. You can also search the forum for "disableAsyncExports.txt" and find a wealth of information (too much, really). Note that you can have CS4 and CS5.5 running simultaneously, no need to quit one. Though, of course,

          CS4 won't open your CS5.5 files -- you'll need to export them to IDML first.

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            VaughnByrd21 Level 1

            DUH!!! [forehead slap]...


            I forgot to run updates, which, obviously there would be because CS5.5 is not new. I installed them, and voilà! Pdf presets work, and quickly, too.


            It was a rookie mistake, which I am not. Thanks for the reminder.