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    How to make a DVD game for ps3 in flash 3.0?

    super waffle Level 1

      so how would I go about making a DVD game like player 1 vs. player 2 or just player 1 solo in action script 3.0? i know 2.0 well enough and i know a little 3.0 but i am not an expert i am not looking for a complicated game just something simplistic with one question after another I just don't know how to make the options like a right answer a wrong answer and how that would effect scores. or how would i go about if player one got the question right it would go to the next question and if they got it wrong replay the question for player 2 and the points would reflect appropriately also how would i make a time limit for each question? I know you probably wont be able to answer all question I just wanted to convey what I am trying to do.