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    Landscape TextInput issue - Mobile Flex 4.6/Galaxy Tab


      I'm starting to develop an application with Flex 4.6 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" Wi-Fi, and i'm having issues with inputting text in landscape orientation.


      Right now I have a simple view with two TextInput controls and that's about it. When running on the device, tapping on a TextInput control brings up the soft keyboard, but instead of showing the application above the keyboard, an entry area that fills the entire rest of the screen appears, with a "Done" button to the right. Obviously this is not desirable, but it only occurs in landscape orientation. In portrait, the application is visible above the keyboard and entry shows up in the field as expected.


      I even loaded Adobe's "Tour De Mobile Flex" app on the same device to see if TextInput fields in other flex apps exhibit the same issue, and all the textinput fields do the same in landscape mode, but work fine in portrait.


      Is there any way around this?