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    Hit Archive, and - POOF ! - gone forever...

    Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

      During my courses and workshops I notice that many users are confused by the "Archive" button in the overview of editions, both in the 'real' apps as well as in the Adobe Content Viewer on their tablet. "Archive" suggests a safe action to store editions you don't want to keep on your iPad anymore, but might want to fetch it again sometime. The prompt upon hitting the button even states that you can always download it again. But this is not true. Folio's which have been deleted from the server will not reappear, and can not be downloaded anymore. So they're gone, forever...


      This is clearly a three-fold false interface. The wording is wrong, the prompt is misleading, and the action is irreversible. How could a user have known that an edition is revoked ?

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          Johannes Eckert Level 4

          Definetly wrong naming.

          But let's say the normal publisher case is that the November edition is

          still on the server and you can download again.

          In the generic content viewer: misleading.


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            Johannes Eckert Level 4

            Proposal: the Content Viewer makes a complete libary check each time the viewer or library gets in focus. Then you can change the name to "Archive" or "Delete" depending on it's availability on the server.

            That would be perfect, isn't it?



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              Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

              Again, angry emails from students and beginning users, asking for my help,

              because they deleted some carefully crafted (shared) folio's from their iPad.

              Of course, I warn everyone whenever I can, but I can't warn everyone.

              An Adobe developer, typing just a few characters into a button, can !


              "Archive" means to almost any user "store it safely, eternally".

              But hitting Archive for a folio that isn't on Adobe's or Apple's server anymore,

              will definitely be lost forever ! It's the opposite behavior users might expect.


              The wording should be something like "Delete" with an additional "from device"

              expolaining the exact behavior. A dialogue warning that it can't be downloaded

              anymore from a server (if it's not there anymore) or that it can be downloaded

              for as long as the server holds it, would also help preventing permanent loss.


              From the New American Oxford Dictionary:

              Archive: verb - place or store (something) in such a collection or place.

              Example: Computing transfer (data) to a less frequently used storage medium

              such as magnetic tape, typically external to the computer system and having

              a greater storage capacity.

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                Johannes Eckert Level 4

                Adobe is checking the server every time you go to the library so they know

                about the status of the folios...

                ..also some publishers (like WEEKEND magazin) delete old folios from their

                servers because they want to keep their kiosk fresh (or save download



                if a user hits "archive" on a deleted folio — boom, gone forever.


                the viewer knows about the status of every folio, so the button should say

                "Archive" on folios that are still on the server and can be re-downloaded

                "Delelte" on folios that will be away forever, gone, poof, digitaly killed.



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                  Peter Villevoye Adobe Community Professional

                  On a side note, I wonder what happens when your iPad breaks down or gets lost, and the folio is deleted on the server as well. Of course you'd have a recent backup in iTunes, which is supposed to warrant and include your app's data, but not the apps itself (just like songs). Any app will restore (re-install) smoothly from your iTunes folder onto your new iPad, even if the app has been deleted from Apple's server. But what about the in-app purchased folio's ? Are they physically included in my backup ? If not, are they resident in the app in my iTunes folder ? If not, can I get them in any other way back ? The Apple Store keeps track of the in-app purchase, but not of the physical data, that needs to come from Adobe's server.


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                    Bob Bringhurst - Adobe Adobe Employee

                    Back in the early days of DPS, the Archive button was named Delete. In custom viewers, Delete made customers fear that they would permanently lose an issue they purchased. Changing Delete to Archive makes perfect sense for custom viewers. For example, if you subscribe to The New Yorker and you don't want your iPad to be filled with 2011 issues, the Archive button accurately reflects what happens. You can archive a folio and download it again later. Where the Archive button doesn't always make sense is in the Content Viewer. The button says "Archive" next to a downloaded folio even if the folio has been deleted from the server. Ideally, the button should change from Archive to Delete when the folio is deleted from the server. You can log a feature request at www.adobe.com/go/wish.

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                      Mōtum Level 1

                      Has anyone found a way to retrieve a Folio that they archived in Content Viewer? I tried unsharing and resharing the Folio, but I just never get the option of downloading it again—and I really need this back!


                      I just tried recreating the entire Folio, and it still won't show up on my iPad!