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    session engine problem in jsxbin

    கற்பனை (Imagine) Level 3

      Hi All,


      I've created the UI script - window type "palette",  while run the script (.jsx format) from the InDesign Script panel, my palette visible to me.  If i convert the script from .jsx to .jsxbin format, place the binary file in InDesign script panel folder then  run the script (.jsxbin format) the palette visible and immediately hidden.


      I couldn't able to identify where the memory leaks occured ?


      Test case code:


      #target indesign

      #targetengine testsession


      var myWindow = new Window ("palette", "Form");

      var myInputGroup = myWindow.add ("group");

      myInputGroup.add ("statictext", undefined, "Name:");

      var myText = myInputGroup.add ("edittext", undefined, "Hello World!");

      myText.characters = 20;

      myText.active = true;

      var myButtonGroup = myWindow.add ("group");

      myButtonGroup.alignment = "right";

      myWindow.show ();


      Thanks in advance.