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    XFL Export to Flash converts some textfields to vectors, keeps others as Flash text


      We're working on a solution to convert a bunch of pieces from a .indd to MovieClips in a Flash document. We've a pretty good setup already, but one bug messes it up - when I export a page from InDesign as XFL, and open it in Flash, some text rows are in Flash text (like they should) and some are in vectors/Drawing object. I can't find a reason why some rows act differently, changing the typeface doesn't help, it just makes different rows vectors. There's no special characters or properties on the vectored rows.


      The original document has all the text in a large multiline textfield, and in Flash all the lines are separate 1-row textfields.


      We're working with CS4, but the exact same thing happens on CS5.5 -> Export to FLA.