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    Is there an optimal luminance value for LCD monitors


      Hi you all,


      I use Lacie 319 high end monitor as my primary monitor and "generic" Fujitsu as my secondary monitor (for PS tools etc.) I have calibrated the monitors with Spyder Elite 3, which also measures the ambient temperature of the room. Based on that measurement it suggests 140 cd for the white point (brightness) to calibrate the screen for. If you do this the prints printed with Epson 4900 (as well as with my previous Epson 4800) print far too dark. The colours are rendered for the printer with Image Print RIP (Colorbyte software). When I calibrate my monitor down to 80 cd the prints are quite OK although still a tiny bit too dark. My question is should I do the LR of PS optimisation of my pictures in the 140 cd monitor brightness and then reduce monitor brightness mechanically to the cd value which gives optimal brightness of the print (some 70 cd?) . Of course I have to adjust the brightness of the picture to be printed viasoft proofing. If continue doing as I do now  making all my picture adjustments using a very low monitor brightness (ideal for the printed result) am I working in a less than optimal area for the monitor to deal with colors. Also do many of the folks in the internet see my pictures too light because they are using much brighter monitors than what I used to adjust the pictures.


      Having asked the question I do know that many things affect on how you see or perceive the colors as well as the brightness of the print. So the answer is not that it depends on where you look your prints. I know the measured ambient light of my "lab" (was a photographer already in the time of film) suggests that I should use 140 cd as the brightness value of my monitor. Doing so produces prints far too dark when looked at the same ambient light. Using 80 (or 70 to be exact) cd monitor brightness gives good print results when the prints are looked in the same (as above) ambient light. My question is am I no adjusting my pictures too light for those using the "default" monitor brightness and is the color management of LCD monitors up to standard if you dial them as down as was customary for the big old CRTs.




      yours Kari