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    No bookmarks in NAV panel after save/generate.

      In previous versions of RoboHelp, once bookmarks were added, files saved and compiled, they were visible and usable in the nav panel. Not so in Adobe's version. I can add them, save files, everything looks good, generate output, no errors, and when I view the output, no bookmarks. Also if I add entire new pages, those are not available in the output either. Can anyone help?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
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          The first thing I would do is create a new user name other than your email address, unless you like spam. Email addresses should never be visible on any forum.

          Are you saying that bookmarks are showing in your source files but not working in the output? They never did show in the output in any version, you wouldn't want users to see them. What you want is the links to show and go to the bookmark position. Or maybe you cannot see the bookmarks in Project Manager? If so click the funnel icon and see if Bookmarks is ticked.