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    How can I make an "Roll-Out" Effect?


      Hey guys,


      currently I've started my first project with After Effects. I have a flag and a bar, to hang the flag on. So first the bar comes in, then the flag should roll out from the top to the left.


      I guess you know what I mean, if not: If I hold an rolled flag in my hands, just keep on holding the upper part of the flag and release the rest, it rolls from top to down.


      "Roll-Out" does not seem to be the correct name for this, because Google totally crashes on searching this.


      I realy appreciate every tip!


      Best regards,



      (I hope my english is easy to understand, not a native speaker here)

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          bogiesan Level 4

          Not a good first project.

          There is only one cylinder effect that allows rolling out and it's expensive from BorisFX.

          You can fake this with page turns but that requires precomping.


          Suggest you lower your expectations, learn how to use the basic effects and work flows and then try to do flags.



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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Unfurling a banner is not easily possible in AE. As Bogiesan already mentioned, you're essentially stuck with either


            - doing it using 2D pageturn effects

            - buying third-party plug-ins

            - spend a lot of time animating this with Freeform


            And this kind of thing would take some careful setup and animation even in a 3D program, if it's supposed to look reasonably real, so indeed you may simply be over your head for a first time project....



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              marianrick Level 1

              Thanks for your answeres!


              I think it is possible with a trick or something. It does not have to "roll out" like in real, its enough if its visibillity comes from top to down!


              //Edit: Idea: Just make a block with the same as the background and let it move from top to bottom over the flag, so the flag starts to be visible at the top and later on at the bottom.


              Thanks for your support guys!

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                effects_neuling wrote:


                I think it is possible with a trick or something.

                ... and you base this statement on your deep knowledge of After Effects?  This is your FIRST project, correct?


                Many, many people have learned the hard way that AE demands a good knowledge of the basics.  Apparently, you too think you can use AE intuitively.  This is a recipe for disaster.  You really need to begin at the beginning.  Here is a good place to start:


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                  marianrick Level 1



                  thanks for this link, I will definitely use this resource!


                  Yes, I base this on my "deep knowledge". With "Trick" I meant my solution written above. Don't guess me wrong, I trust in your statements and rely on them! My "trick" is clearly no high quality animated flag rolling out, but its near to this idea!


                  Thanks for all your answeres! I really appreciate it!