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    Screen freezes when showing data


      Hi all,


      We have an application that uses RemoteObject to load data form server, the problem is that some computers with google chrome or safari and version of flash player, when are trying to load one of the screens the application freezes (this screen loads several data). I don't know how to debug or solve what problem is...


      Some ideas? Every idea to determine where is the problem will be welcome


      Thanks in advance

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          If it will freeze while in the debugger, hit the stop button and see where you end up.


          The app should just time out after 60 seconds and throw an error in the debugger.


          If you use trace() or have a logging system that uses trace() and trace a very large dataset, it will freeze the app for longer than 60 seconds.  Trace is highly inefficient.


          See if there is any correlation between amount of data and freezing.