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    PE 10 - Edit Video Commercial - Best settings?

    Steven-K Level 1

      A video commercial was created for me and received in the following format:

      * AVI (XVID)
      * 1080x1920
      * Frame Rate: 29 Frames/Second
      * Bit Rate: 122 kbps


      What is the ideal "new" project setting?
      What is the ideal save or export settings?


      Obviously, I am interested in the highest quality video and audio. I will edit it in Premier Elements 10 and add a few titles, etc. The video has narration and music background and will be displayed at our website.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.






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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Unfortunately, the Xvid CODEC was used. That is likely to be a big problem. Even with that CODEC installed, PrE is not likely to work with it, or work well with it.


          I would anticipate that conversion will be needed, to get the file into another CODEC, and one that PrE likes. For intermediate file, where quality is an issue, I like Lagarith Lossless, or UT Lossless. They are both free, and only need to be downloaded and installed. I have never had any issue with PrE, or PrPro working with either, regardless of whether we are talking about Import, or Export/Share. These CODEC's are usually placed into an AVI wrapper.


          Then, just choose a Preset for the Frame Size, FPS and Audio specs.


          Not sure which conversion program would be best. With my SD Projects, I either use DigitalMedia Converter 2.7 (older version), or CyberLink's PowerDirector, which seems to Import Xvid material, much better than either of my Adobe programs.


          Remember, Xvid is really a highly-compressed, delivery-only format. Much of the data has been lost (forever) with that compression. The best quality would be for the supplier to NOT use Xvid, or DivX (commercial version of Xvid, which is open source), and to use a CODEC, like the Lagarith, or UT, to begin with. File Size WILL be larger, but with much, much better quality, and will also be much easier to Import and edit, so long as you have those lossless CODEC's installed on your system.


          Good luck,