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    InDesign CS5 text wrapping around invisible object

    zollabea Level 1

      I don't know how to discribe this other than to say it looks like the text is wrapping around an invisible object, or there is some kind of margin setting that I'm not aware of. See attached image. In the large text box, the text does not come all the way to the top. I have put a red box around the problem area (The red box is NOT part of the InDesign file.) All objects on this page have text wrap set to No Text Wrap. I have the text box offset from the page in this screen shot to show you how when I go outside the right margin, the problem goes away, so that's what makes me think it's a margin setting. I checked to make sure there are no empty text boxes floating around, that would cause this, but I can't find anything.Thanks for any clues!