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    Loading ACROBAT standard


      how to re load a software (adobe acrobat standard x)?

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          Gautham K Level 4



          Apologies for the delay in response.


          If you have the original discs, you can use the same to reinstall the application.


          If you purchased a download version of the software, you can login to your account on Adobe.com and you will be able to locate the download link.


          Note that you will require to have the serial number handy during installation.


          Hope this helps.

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            Thanks for the reply. I already went to my account, logged in, clicked the download link and, even though the download file is labeled the Standard edition it is actually the PRO edition (based on the dialog boxes that appear when I tried to install and the fact that it rejects the license number that Adobe provided).  So, my question is how do I get the link corrected or how can I download a trial version of the Standard edition.

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              Gautham K Level 4



              I would suggest that you contact Adobe Support to have the serial number verified. The application edition is tied to the serial number.


              On the support page, click on "I am having trouble with my serial number". You will then have an option to chat with a support representative. You can also call support on the numbers listed on this page.


              A trial version of Acrobat Standard is currently not available for download from Adobe.com.