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    pdf take minutes to open inside of an extracted zip file


      I received a zip file in an email. I extracted it and there were 3 pdfs inside.  I cliked on one and the hour glass would just appear and at the top of the pdf it would say "not responding".  It finally will open but it takes minutes. Same issue for the other 2.


      What is preventing this from opening?  I have checked Control Panel and deleted all other pdf applications.  Ran Registry Cleaner and cleared Temporary internet and Windows Files from my Norton Security Suite


      I do not have any problem opening individual pdfs that I receive or create from insurance company pdf creators inside of their software.


      I am running Adobe Reader 10.1.1 on Windows Vista.  I have a friend who also seems to have the same problem who is also running Windows Vista.


      I have a new laptop running Windows 7 64 bit but there is no issue opening the pdf in that same zip file received.


      Thank you.