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    Crash during cmd-scrub of playhead.


      Has anyone else had problems with After Effects crashing during a cmd-scrub of the playhead in the timeline? Always happens when I switch back to the app from another running program (Spotify in the last instance), and the first action is to hold cmd and scrub the playhead (useful tip for scrubbing with audio), its infuriating.


      Im running:


      AE CS5 (10.0.2)

      Mac OSX 10.6.8

      2.66ghz Quad core Xeon

      12 gig Ram

      NVIDIA GeForce GT 120






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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Anything fancy going on with audio like a specific device or Quicktime component being installed? External audio decoder via Firewire or soem such thing? I'd check those things as well as the audio prefs in AE. Could be that it's simply latching on to the wrong audio device and then goes kaboom when anotehr app is taking it over...