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    Render is only using 9-11% of ram?

    dh91 Level 1



      I am rendering out a 10-15 second comp (with particles, motion blur, adjustment layers to give color to particles)..


      The first time i rendered out it took about 15 minutes, but there was terrible banding (as everything is against a black background). I went back and changed the comp to 16 bit and the banding went away.


      I'm rendering it out now and its taking around 50 minutes to render. I understand that on my system (MacBook Pro 2.53 C2D 8gb ram) i should expect things to be ultra fast, but my system is fast enough that im able to do a lot of other things while AE is rendering, without slowing down the system. In addition, i maxed the ram to 8gb thinking that would help things out, but according to AE, it's only using between 9-11% of the ram for the render.. does that sound right? Even when not rendering, it's not using hardly any of the ram.



      Is there a way to let AE use more ram?



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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          It'll use it if it needs it.  Toss in a bunch of 3D layers all casting shadows, plus multiple lights... and memory usage goes up like a rocket.

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            marian.ene Level 2

            there's a difference between using and needing more RAM. Since you don't have much footage to be decoded into RAM, and most things are particles, only the CPU/GPU are used intensively on your render. To speed things up you could enable multiprocessing. For your config I'd give 4 cores to AE (leave 4 for other apps) and allocate 1.5GB to each core. As a bonus you should also see more RAM being used.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              What the previous two people already said - you are primarily using a particle generator which only requires some number crunching to figure out motion vectors and such stuff, but consumes almost no RAM. If you would use more layers or other effects, that might be a different story, but in the current scenario it's perfectly normal...