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    Weird Links and Pages Palette "Glitch"


      I keep my palettes docked, and have noticed a really weird "glitch" with the Links and Pages palettes. I keep them at the top, as often I am re-using a document and updating content to a new date, with new links and new info in the page template. Below them, I have several other palettes docked (Swatches, Character Styles, etc.). Well, when one of my palette panels has Links or Pages active, all the other palette panels creep down incrementally whenever I select something new.


      For example, the Character Styles palette was about 2" tall on screen, I selected a different section of text, then it was 1.8" tall. Upon selecting something else, it was 1.6" tall.


      This only happens when Links or Pages is open in a palette panel group. Doesn't matter where they are, or which panel group, if either of those is open, the all the other palette panel groups incrementally get smaller.


      It's so weird! At first I thought I was going crazy. I would make my Character Styles palette a certain height so I could see several styles, and slowly I would only be able to see one style. Which is a little irritating and disruptive to my work flow.


      Sure, it's easy enough to make a different palette active, but during the updating process described above, it is realy helpful to have the Links palette open.


      Anybody else have this same problem and/or know how to fix it?




      I am running CS5 (ID version 7.0.4) and Mac OSX 10.6.8, 2.66 GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon processors, with about 8GB of RAM. All patches are up to date.

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          Toi B

          My palettes are different. Sometimes when I minimimize them to tabs, little by little they try to hide behind one another, until after they are all huddled together at the side with only the bravest ones visible.


          I have no fix, except to reset the workspace every few days.