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    Multiple view state best practice for IOS packaged app - Tabbed view or blank template?

    rexdtripod Level 1

      TabbedViewNavigatorApplication or plain Application?


      I have an iPad app that has a fairly complex main view.  Has lots of view state changes.  Before a user can get to that main view, however, they have to go through two other screens:


      1.  Authentication

      2.  Fill out and submit a small form (maybe 6 fields)


      If they do those two things right, they can move on to the main view.  If they don't, they can't move on and the main view shouldn't load.


      Don't want a tab bar showing in the main view.  Has to be full screen.


      My thoughts were:


      1.  Start with the tabbed view template because it's built for this.  Just figure out a way to hide bars top and bottom for main view.

      2.  Use a blank template and do everything with standarf Flex view states


      Not sure...