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    Flash player does not work after reboot

    Clell Hillbilly

      I am running windows 7 64 bit with IE9 64bit and 32 bit as well as firefox. I have been fighting this ever since I update to Flash 11.1. I install flash and it runs fine until I reboot my pc. I have tried uninstalling flash and reinstalling all the suggestions listed in most of these forms and tried restoring my pc to a few weeks before when flash worked correctly. None of this helped. It is the same in Firefox as well as IE9. I have noticed thatit seems like adobe stays installed it just doesn't work. If I go into my installed programs I see the flash player 11 active X 64-bit installed. However when I open up IE9 under the addons Shockwave is no longer present after reboot. If anyone can offer any assistance I would be very greatful. Thanks for your time.