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    Mobile app missing images only after packaging for App Store?


      This is general, but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problems, as it's happened to 2 different apps I recently posted to the app store.

      Basically, the apps worked in the simulators fine, I intalled and tested on 10 different iphones, and it works fine. When I packaged up the app, and downloaded from the app store after approval there were various missing images. For example, 3 images on a page with 6 png would be missing. They weren't loaded any differently.

      So I rechecked the app in flex simulators, worked fine, installed on phones, worked fine. I could not replicate problem anywhere. I randomly just resaved out a few images and that 'appears' to have worked. So when my next app was exhibiting the exact same behaviour, i 'resaved' out the broken images and a few were fixed, but a few are still broken.

      This is just so strange, since I can't replicate the issue anywhere except after downloading from the app store.

      Anyone else having similar issues?