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    Should I use Flash Builder to develop for iOS?

    KevinMacDonald98122 Level 1

      We have a sizable AIR application built using Flash Builder 4.5 that is deployed on Windows and Mac. We tried to package it for Android and it simply failed to run at all. Apparently there are many namespaces not supported on Android. We've since stopping concerning ourselves with Android because the vast majority of our clients only care about iPad when it comes to tablets.


      So, the question I have that remains very elusive to me is: do I attempt to build an iPad version of our product on our existing AS3/Flex code base using Flash Builder, or should I port over to xcode and go native iOS? All the marketing I see surrounding Flash Builder says that you can build apps for iPad. But just how practical is this for anything more than trivial apps? Adobe AIR is supported on Android and it failed to work, which doesn't give me much confidence in trying to make this work on an iPad. Now that Adobe is moving away from Flex does it make any sense to even attempt this?


      What say you Adobe?