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    How can I debug using my Android phone?

    MadJackBackrub Level 1



      I am trying to run a debug for a game I am developing on my phone.  However, I am not sure how to do that.  I know how to publish and get what I have so far on the phone though.


      I am using Flash CS5 and managed to get my hands on the Adobe Air For Android 2.5 extension


      I tried publishing to my phone (once without launching app and the other without launching) and then hitting Debug-> Begin Remote Debug Session -> Actionscript 3.0.  That does nothing however. Am I supposed to receive some sort of dialog regarding connecting to the computer or something?  My permissions of the app when I published to my phone allowed for internet access.



      I did notice there were two other debugs related to AIR, one of them was Debug in AIR Launcher (mobile), which was greyed out.


      I apologize, but if someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!