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    Add xml Tags in Indesign CS4 by Apple/Java script



      All, I'm new to Indesign Scripting, and I'm hoping someone can help me with the following add xml tags in my xml indesign cs4 files.


      I have IDML (ETMV2) xml Indesign CS4 files. But i have lots of powermath equation without xml tags. So i want how i can insert xml tags.



      My probleam like this =>

      <no open xml tags>[&x^{2}+y_{3}&]<no close xml tags>



      I want like this (But i do manualy)

      <inlineequation><inlinemediaobject><textobject role="xpressmath">[&x^{2}+y_{3}&</textobject></inlinemediaobject></inlineequation>



      Can anyone write/suggest me how i can add xml Tags. By Apple/Java Script



      Any insight is appreciated!


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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Please don't post the same question in multiple threads. It's confusing to all. Just stick with one thread.

          Your question is much easier to undersatnd now, but it ist stil vague.


          Do you want to insert this tag inside the IDML output? From InDesign? Or via postprocessing?

          Or do you want to insert these tags inside InDesign's XML Export, which is not at all like IDML?


          What is the consumer of this XML, be it IDML or otherwise?


          Are you comfortable with XSLT?

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            snegig Level 1



            John Hawkinson thank you so much your suggestion.


            I am new  this type of discusion (on this page). So i think anybody could not replay my answer. So i repost my question.


            I want insert tags in my Indesign CS4 files. Is this posible when i select my powermath equaiton then run script. Script add tags automatically before/after my equation. Please ignore IDML word.


            Yes i an comfortable with XSLT presently i working with Pearson ETMV2.


            I have one more question when i past my snapshot its appear properly but when i agin see my commant then my snapshot disappear (see small blue rectangle).


            Thank you John again i am new in this industry please guide.