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    How do I install Tekton MM in CS5 running on Windows 7 (32-bit)?

    M F Walker Level 1

      I called up a file done in an earlier version of InDesign (probably CS4) on my previous computer running Windows XP, and on the new computer it indicated that Tekton MM regular was missing. I had the Tekton MM files on my old computer in a PSFonts folder. I copied the pfb files to the Fonts folder in InDesign CS5, and found that Tekton MM reguar was available. In InDesign, the other variations (bold, etc) had names such as 240 RG 250 CN, although the adjacent samples look fine. I suspect this may have something to do with the associated pf files (.pfm, afm, fontinfo) but do not know how to sort this out. Any suggestions?


      (I did look at the pfm files, and Windows offered to install, but it looked as if it would install only one variant.)