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    Ishihar Colour Test Plates

    geldslaw Level 1

      I am doing research which involves the Ishara colour test plates idea.


      I want to randomly generate circles of from a set of circles of a particular size

      Have the circles fill a particular shape

      colour those circles from a range of colours


      how can this be done on AE?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Not easily. At best, lots of fiddling with property maps in Particle Playground to mimic the "dense packing" behavior or even worse, manually placing a lot of shapes. If you expand your search to include Illustrator, you can find some scripts and techniques to generate such artwork, which might be a place to start, but still, as soon as it gets animated, things will get dicy. Even if you have the shapes, you may need plug-ins like Newton to get collision behaviors and such... If you have access to a 3D program with dynamics and parametric generation of items liek e.g. Cinema 4D's MoGraph, do it there. It wil lbe much easier.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Not with a single click or with a single plug-in. The filling a certain shape is probably the most difficult part to automate. Colors can be derived with expressions and you could write a script that loaded the colors from a database of RGB values from 0 to 1. You could also apply the Hue and Saturation effect and use an expression to generate a range of colors based on the angle value of hue.


            A little more information the project would help.

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              geldslaw Level 1

              thank you for the replies so far,



              I a masters student at Central Saint Martin's University of Arts College doing an MA in Applied Imagination in the Creative Industries. I'm investigating how can Subliminal Positive Image Messaging change the fear of failure in an educational environment? By using optical illusions based on Ishara test plates and impressionist principle of colour value abstraction, with positive images, semiotics, when applied can it make people feel better?


              I was looking at catching two birds with one net, creating the still images in AE and creating motion graphics as an extension of those still images.



              I've done a degree in animation at London Metropolitan University and so I'm familiar with 3D Cg packages like 3ds Max and Maya, I was also considering Esprit Vue Infinite as an option as it may allow me to generate more real world shapes and control the colour. At the end of the day I am looking at subliminal messaging. It's coming up with a pipe line to allow me to generate what I need to challenge my idea.

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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I think that the best system may be a particle system like Particular or Foam. You could use an image sequence the same size circles with the colors you want to use as the source for the particles, randomize the size with the particle system, then use a masked adjustment layer to change the hue of the particles. Without knowing exactly what you're looking for I created this with Form, a simple random expression controlling the hue of circle in a pre-comp and a text layer used as a track matte for an adjustment layer that changed the hue of the particles.


                Screen Shot 2011-12-17 at 8.20.01 AM.png


                You could do the same thing with Particular and keep the particles from running into each other. You could even have the particle position animate. There are lots of possibilities.

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                  geldslaw Level 1

                  if there was some mistletoe about I'd give you a xmas kiss, hahahahaha thank you, I was sat here thinking how could I use the particle system

                  I had been messing around on paper to get a feel of what I want to produce in the physical world. I tried uploading a water colour version of a ishara colour test plate but it won't let me do that.


                  But I want to thank you so much for resoloving and finding me an approach in AE, I will duplicate what you have done and come back to you with questions if that is ok. Although you do not look like Santa, you have given me a great gift, your generosity and kindness.


                  thank you



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                    geldslaw Level 1

                    Hi Rick,


                    is there any chance of you sending me the AE file to reverse engineer and learn how you did it exactly?


                    Many thanks



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                      geldslaw Level 1

                      just figured out you were using Trapcode products just downloading the trial versions, many thanks, will let you know how I get on

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                        geldslaw Level 1

                        any chance of you pointing me to some tutorials on how to use the form and particular?


                        Happy Xmas23122011210.jpg

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Try any of these, esecially the ones from Red Giant TV.


                          You'll find the project here. Requires Trapcode Form.

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                            geldslaw Level 1

                            thank you very much for the project files, they are fantasticly helpeful for my research and also thank you so kindly for the link to the training files. I'll let you know how I get on.

                            Happy Christmas and Happy New Year