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    Login and Registration form options in HTML5

    Digital Ink LLC

      I am using Dreamweaver with the Web Premium CS5.5 package on a MAC. My new client requires a login capability for a members only section of the site and a registration system for events which will be tied to a payment system. I'm new to both and want to stick to HTML 5 with this solution.


      I confer to the community of experts for direction. What's the favorite for developers? I need something relatively easy to use, professional looking, and efficient. Do I have a solution in this package I'm not aware of? I have password protected pages before in my cpanel - I'm looking for something more - that says Welcome MemberName and includes an option to logout once a member is logged in. I will be using an SSL Certificate for this site. (another new item for me)


      The site is not live - I'm just starting the project (although the site plan and design layout are both complete) - this is how I'll spend the Holidays this year.


      Finallly, I need to complete this asap. Hoping someone out there sees this!

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          I don't mind answering my own question here. I went into the Dreamweaver Exchange and downloaded WebAssist products. Security Assist, Data Assist, Universal eMail - a package deal they had. (Researched user reviews first). Of course, I had just moments (OK, a few days) to get it all working. I had to purchase tech support from WebAssist for Security Assist to help me set it all up. Best money I ever spent. Their support is quick and very efficient. They understood my dilema and time constraint - helped get it all up and running in no time and taught me how to carry on for a reasonable price. If you're looking for an answer to my question here - that's what I did and it is all working great!!! By the way - you have to convert your site to php for this, which simply means change the .html extension to .php - so easy to do. I think I spent most of my time trying to get an answer to that simple question!! Good Luck!!