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    Button that opens an windows folder


      Hi Folks !


      I've just installed a ftp server and is working fine. Then I've created a presentation pdf page in Live Cycle with some buttons. What I want now is to create a button that opens the ftp folder situated in "my network places" or to open in windows explorer my personal ftp folder address: ftp://name@ftpserver.


      I've tried two different ways 'till now: 1) I've create a button with the acction "go to a web page" and I set the address: ftp://name@ftpserver  - it opens my personal ftp folder in a web page, not in a windows explorer folder

                                                          2) I set the "go to a web page address" : C:\Documents and Settings\User\NetHood\ftpfolder (wich is the address to the "my network places" ftp folder) and no results. 


      Any thoughts, suggestions, or direction, you can give me would be very helpful since I have found no indication of how to do this.