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    Win 7 fails to detect Panasonic NV GS 27


      Hi guys...


      I have been using my Panasonic NV GS 27 Camcorder for long. But couple of months back it had gone wrong and I repaired it with a technician.


      But now it is  detected in my edit terminal in a strange fashion and not at all detected in the edit software capture section (with Win 7 32 bit). Surprisingly, I used it with a different terminal (with Win XP) and there it worked fine.


      When I checked the device and printer section, it shows "Team H2O CLEDX-Generic # 00000001" instead of any panasonic driver. The camcorder is otherwise fine. I kind of use it for capturing.


      Anybody....please tell me...what could be the reason and how to get it operational in my terminal!