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    Flash freezes when expending to full screen


      Hi, I am using Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, IE9. (I have also tried reverting back to IE8 but the issue persisted)

      The problem is this:

      When I expend the flash player on YouTube and many other websites to full screen there is a 2 - 3 seconds freeze before the player eventually goes to full screen. The voice keeps playing in

      those couple of seconds while the player sort of freezes.


      It is super annoying and I have no idea how to fix it - I tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash several times with no avail. The Issue happens only in IE and Firefox (I just installed it to try) - I have Chrome installed and the player expends to full screen without an issue. Maybe it doesn't happen in Chrome because it has a built in Flash Player that's not dependent on what is installed on the PC.

      I have created a new partition and installed Windows 7 there and the issue doesn’t occur so the hardware is fine and it’s not a widespread issue or a bug with flash in general or YouTube player in particular. I have also tried to replicate all the Registry tweaks and some other things that I thought could cause the issue but the issue still doesn't occur in the new OS (I can't just switch to that OS because it would take weeks to reinstall everything from my current OS there).

      The issue doesn't occur with the Silverlight either.

      Examples to sites that the flash player used in them that work bad: YouTube, Engadget (with videos embedded from YouTube and the built in player (for example here),

      And then - there are other websites that I don't remember them all that IE has no problem expanding flash players to full screen – LIKE THIS IN ENGADGET USING THEIR BUILT IN PLAYER – unlike with most other places in Engadget that their built in player doesn’t expand without a freeze. And here is an example of a YouTube player that expends fine.

      Please help me - I don't know what to try and I don't remember what I installed or did to cause this - what can be the possible cause.